Mark Beecroft







My practice focuses on an exploration of process. Working with a pre-determined system each piece is a result of following this process. Referencing obsession through imagery of ‘everydayness’ and repetitive handicraft techniques, each piece follows a series of methodical steps, as critic David Lillington writes, ‘Systems are a way of reassuring ourselves that there is order in the world. An apparently pointless system throws the emphasis onto the idea of that reassurance itself and creates a notion of integrity, of transparency about our ways of dealing with the world’.


Digital photographs of everyday objects are manipulated to create repeat patterns. Nets for polyhedron models are used to create three-dimensional form onto which the digital patterns are applied. Although digitally printed the works are cut, scored and assembled by hand referencing the ‘obsessiveness’ of craft and mathematical model making.




October 2010: Made in Manchester: MA Show, Holden Gallery.


May 2010: The Power of Copying, Xuzhou Museum of Art, China.


May 2006: Art of the Stitch, touring exhibition, RWA Bristol, The HUB Sleaford, Williamson Art Gallery and Museum Birkenhead.


April 2006: Paperworks: Paper Art Now, Bury Art Gallery and Museum.


July 2005: Untitled exhibition, Osteopathic Centre for Children, Ancoats, Manchester.




April- July 2009: Hulme Sweet Hulme, workshop leader working with afterschool club and youth club to create work for exhibition at Zion arts centre


July 2007: Manchester International Festival: Garden of Delights, workshop leader creating work with children for an indoor garden.

January- May 2006: START Arts Project Salford assisting the visual arts coordinator with teaching OCN Level 1 Art to group of individuals with mental health problems.

February-April 2006: Stitching up Oxford Road, workshop leader/artist, involved creating hanging artwork from plastic carrier bags using a traditional embroidery technique.





Sept 2009-Sept 2010: Manchester Metropolitan University, MA Textiles

 (AHRC funded Professional Preparation Masters Scheme)


Sept 2006-June 2007: The University of Bolton, PGCE (Further Adult and Higher Education)


Sept 2002-June 2005: Manchester Metropolitan University, BA(Hons) Embroidery: First Class


Sept 1999-June 2001: South Nottingham College, BTEC National Diploma Design: Distinction





Sept 2008- Present: Access Summit, Study skills tutor


Sept 2007- Present: Manchester Metropolitan University, Associate Lecturer: 

BA (Hons)Creative Practice, BA(Hons) Embroidery



'Portfolio-Eighth Stellation of the Icosahedron'



'Portfolio - Small Stellated Dodecahedron'


'Roller - Great Icosahedron'