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The Glass Summer House


The Chandelier of Lost Earrings artwork is a mass participation project, gathering together the earrings left after its pair is lost.
At last, there will be a home for all those lost earrings!
Conceived by Manchester artists Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell, the sculpture has recently been awarded Arts Council England funding, a Grant for the Arts of £9500.
The Chandelier will be created using over 2500 earrings, will hang initially in St Mary’s Maternity Hospital, and include earrings already contributed by staff and patients at the hospital.
The earrings, and many associated stories, have been collected. It has been an amazing response. Sharon and Lauren are now coordinating an appeal to find the rest of the lonely earrings to add to the artwork when it will be created this winter 2012.
This is the artists latest project for St Mary’s Maternity Hospital. It will be exhibited within their existing creation in the hospital courtyard - The Glass Summer House – which is decorated with magical screen-prints on the outside and is home to a number of other-worldly installations.
Lauren and Sharon have become the custodians of these ‘treasures’ and have a responsibility to create something beautiful that well reflects the contributions people have made.
The collected earrings will come together in a huge beautiful, glittering sculpture. Inspired by their engagement with staff at the maternity unit, the artwork will tell a story celebrating women, mothers and those who have cared for them. Gifts from people are at the core
of the project; without these we have no story.
The project has been awarded much sought after Arts Council England funding. Over 36 individuals from all over the country have supported through private donations.
Many people feel very moved that they are part of an artistic installation and we have had some lovely anecdotes alongside the earrings donated;
“by giving my earring, it’s like I can be part of a sculpture” Hazel
“….the earrings are just beautiful and at last, they have found a way to continue displaying and sharing their beauty, even though each has lost a partner!” Pamela
“… is a diamante earring that I used to wear in my more flamboyant days, post punk….and it would be lovely if you could include it in your sculpture where my daughter was born.” Dominic
“I gave birth at St Mary’s… one of the earrings belonged to my mother and it is over 40 years old.” Mary
“The Arts Council is pleased to be supporting artists Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell with funding through Grants for the arts.  Their innovative project, Chandelier of Lost Earrings, involves hundreds of people contributing to an artwork that will hang in St Mary’s Maternity Hospital, Manchester.  Celebrating the poignant story of women and mothers, we’re sure it will capture the imaginations of many people.”
Daniel Cutmore, Relationship Manager – Visual Arts, Arts Council England
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For media enquiries please contact Lauren Sagar on 07737591422
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Check out the history of the Chandelier and the Summer House Pop Ups on
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Glass Elements

Campbell & Sagar are interested in the transformation of space using light and colour. In order to achieve this they work predominantly with glass; screen-printed, engraved, coloured hand blown and often on a large scale.

Recent commissions include:

Manchester Piccadilly Place
Pavilion car park “Ice cube”. Hand drawn image, hugely magnified and screen-printed onto glass, laminated on white glass and toughened. For outer walls of public entrance to car park, illuminated at night, to give feel of “ice cube” and to light pedestrian way. Size approx. - 8 meters square.

Glass Discs
Seven hand engraved, bonded dichrioc glass discs, on water wall act as the canvas for the “poem of Manchester”. Size - each disc 400mm in diameter.

Commissioner for both, Developer, Argents in collaboration with Arts & Business.

Savage Gardens – City Inn
Initial art concepts for an “art street” next to a newly planned City Inn hotel within The City of London. This development is still in planning stages and we have been invited to put forward ideas for art works later in the year.

Current Projects:

Plastic Recycling
Recycling of plastics, to create a large artwork for Manchester. Involving the participation of communities, collection of plastics and recyclable glass. Aim to raise awareness of recycling opportunities, create feasible recycling solutions, and to have fun!  Currently seeking funding.

Fire, Glass & Transformation
Focusing on the transformational qualities of glass as a material and its ability to aid creativity. Campbell and Sagar are about to launch Courses in “Fire, Glass and Transformation” offering a wonderful, exciting and creative experience!


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