Dave Griffiths



Dave Griffiths is represented by Bureau, Salford/Manchester.

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Dave Griffiths’ filmworks dwell on the physical and fictive borders of media spaces and forms.  He combines a rigorous attention to barely perceptible matter in moving images with an aesthetic study of their dramatic potential.  Along with political and historical asides, the work is filtered through the languages and strategies of cinema and media art to attempt an ironic critique of our social bond with visual technologies.

Griffiths’ “close-up epics” playfully touch on illusions of security or perfection that surround media, and attempt to commemorate their temporary structures. He uses film, video and sonic material, often arising from laborious search or unstable technical methods, to devise encounters between various apparatus and accidental, faltering or abandoned codes. 

Most work at present revolves around the Cue-Dot Observatory, an ongoing found-footage project begun in 2005.