Geoff Molyneux




In the late 1980’s I began to gather rocks and move them around from place to place, from country to country, from one site to another.
A collection of rocks from my journeys grew, at home and in the studio. The provenance of the items within this collection has mainly been lost to the memory, it is possible (but unlikely) that a rock gathered on a particular journey could have been returned to where it came.
Some of these rocks have travelled great distances; others still have a great distance to travel. Some have traversed countries, others traversed continents. Some rocks are collected from ‘historically significant’ sites’, others from ‘inhospitable’ places; some are from sites personally significant to me alone, others from incredible journeys; some are from near the surface, others a little deeper. Some rocks are heavier than others are and make the journey more difficult, but often more memorable.
Until 2009 this activity was only related verbally to others, photographs of sites were taken but no recordings of the specific action of collection and placement has ever been made.
There have been no eyewitnesses to these actions.
Some 20 years ago I started to gift rocks to other artists to take on their own journeys. 
I have no reason to doubt that artists are moving mountains, but I have no proof of their activities.



Selected Exhibitions:
2014    ‘24’ Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast
2014    ‘Molyneux’ collaboration with Yu Cheng Chou, Taipei Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan.
2013    ‘See/Saw’ Neo Arts Gallery, Bolton
2013    ‘Molyneux’ collaboration with Yu Cheng Chou, Chinese Art Centre, Manchester’
2011    ‘Exchange – Experimentation – Collaboration’ with Yu Chen Wang and Nicola Dale, Rogue Artists studios project space
2010   ‘Cross currents 2’, with Mark Warwick, Freshfields, Formby
2009   ‘Moving Mountains” 10th Biennial of Havana, Cuba
2009    ‘Cross currents 2’ with Mark Warwick, Majestic Theatre, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
2009    ‘Cross currents 2’ with Mark Warwick, Bluecoat Arts Centre project space
2009     ‘Cross currents 2’ with Mark Warwick, Rogue Artists Studios project space
2009    ‘Next Up’ Bluecoat Art Gallery, Liverpool
2008    ‘Changing Eight’ Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool Hope University

2008    ‘Paint’ Kitchen Gallery, Norton Priory, Runcorn
2008    ‘Artranspennine 08’,
2007    ‘COAST’ International Artists workshop, A Foundation, Liverpool
2007    ‘Loops Overview’ Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool Hope University
2006    'Annual Commercial Exhibition’  The Royal Standard, Liverpool
2006    ‘Loops Northwest’ Kulturbunker, Mulheim, Cologne, Germany
2005    'Travel Agents”, Catalyst Gallery, Belfast
2005    'After Hiroshima” Brunei Gallery, School of African and Oriental Studies, London
2004    'Changing places V' Hijiyama University, Hiroshima, Japan   
2004    'Changing Places IV: Arena' Arena Gallery, Liverpool    
2004    'Loops', English & German Video Festival, Static Gallery, Liverpool    
2004    'CRASH', Ergebnisse künstlerischer Zusammenarbeit, Cologne, Germany
2003    'Liverpool Open' Arena Gallery, Liverpool (1st Prize Winner)
2003    'Loops', English & German Video Festival, Kiel, Germany
2003    'Interface', International Collaborations Exhibition, Kooperative K, Hagen, Germany
2003    Landscape & Culture', Hoenart, Simonskall, Germany
2002    'Land-slides', Werft Gallery, Cologne, Germany
2002    'Floor 1' (with Wolfgang Luettgens), Atelier, Cologne, Germany   
2002   'Interakt' live art event, Werft Gallery, Cologne, Germany    
2002    'Collaboration' (with Wolfgang Luttgens), Door, Liverpool
2001    'International Artists Workshop' Cyfuniad, Wales        
2001    Werkraum Warteck, Studio residency, Basel, Switzerland       
2001    'Helle Naechte : Starter',  Binningham, Basel, Switzerland               
2001    'I Mangia Patate', Bassano, Italy                    
2001    'Unheimlich'  Die Halle, Wiesbaden, Germany
2001    'Noiz', Zion Centre,  Manchester
2000    'Brief Encounters', Melbourne,  Australia
1999    'Cross Currents', Schmucker Art  Gallery, Gettysburg, USA   
1999    'Are you being served?' Lewis’s Department Store’ Manchester   
1999    'Tracey', Liverpool Biennial Independent, Lewis’s Department Store, Liverpool
1998    'Check out', Toxteth, Liverpool                
1998    'Eight Days a Week', Galerie im Alten Kloster, Cologne, Germany
1998    'Artist at Work', Artists Residency, Walker Art Gallery,  Liverpool
1997    'Israel und England', Die Halle, Wiesbaden, Germany   1997    'Pharmacy', Wiesbaden, Germany
1997    'Zimun', Artists Residency, Herzliya, Israel
1997    'Small Works' Bluecoat Art Gallery, Liverpool