Elizabeth Kwant



Lives and works in Manchester, UK.

MA Hons Fine Art, The University of Edinburgh & Edinburgh College of Art 2001- 2006.

My work is both real and imaginary, exploring a juxtaposition of the figure into the urban environment. I am often led to a particular character, who becomes the focus of a series of exploratory works, in which the viewer is drawn into an uncanny scene, one which is at once familiar yet unfamiliar; inviting the viewer to decipher the narrative, connect with the human stories and re-think stereotypes.

I am interested in the tensions within the modern urban space; industry, history and culture exist in tenuous relationship to our contemporary ethnography. Traces of existence imprint themselves upon the urban fabric through both presence and absence. The city street becomes the space in-between, familiar yet anxious, communal yet impersonal. These spaces of transition; escalators, alleyways, and building sites often go unnoticed, non-spaces. Yet they encapsulate the tensions of modern urban living. Spaces through which we journey, spaces in process, undefined environments, spaces of tension and paradox, the promise of community, where tradition meets modernity. In this space figures move seamlessly and in defiant acts play children’s games in front of construction sites. As we engage with the characters, external presentation becomes imagined, or experienced revelation, of inner feelings of belonging, self-awareness and sometimes alienation and threat.

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'The Outskirts'