Mary Stark

‘Tape Measure Film’, 2013  

16mm black and white film loop with optical sound

Mary Stark is an artist, filmmaker and photographer based at Rogue Studios in Manchester. Her practice investigates how the mute materials and tactile processes of fabric and thread translate into noisy feminine presence in experimental film. She is interested in film projection as theatrical performance with optical sound, as well as the sculptural potential of the filmstrip independent of the projector. With a background in textiles, filmmaking and photography, her work encompasses sculptural objects, photographic prints, installation and performance. Recent shows include Mono No Aware exhibition of Expanded Cinema VI and VII in New York, a residency at La Escocesa Studios in Barcelona and a specially commissioned performance for Video Jam at Manchester Art Gallery.
A Gift of Sight/The Man Who Knew Too Little/That’s Entertainment/The Wonderful Lie, 2012
Woven film, unspooled film projectors and lenses

'Film as Fabric, Lace and Thread’, 2013 16mm black and white film loop with optical sound


‘Tape Measure Film’ at Mono No Aware VII, an exhibition of expanded cinema in New York, December 2013